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about noosa eco retreat

Construction of Noosa Eco Retreat began in September 2019,  in natural clearings  on privately owned land which extends into the Tuchekoi National Park.   Situated  in one of only nine Biosphere Reserves in Australia, Noosa Eco Retreat is founded on the principles of eco-tourism - health, sustainability and reconnecting people with the natural world.  

The retreat, a former hobby farm, offers unparalleled and unhindered views of Mount Cooroora and has direct access to the Tuchekoi National Park and its many walking trails.  Where possible in its construction, building materials have been sustainably sourced from the surrounding land and imaginatively re-purposed to help create each accommodation unit.  

The retreat is a proud Land for Wildlife member as well a Wildlife SEQ partner as a safe release site for rescued native wildlife.  Wildlife abounds, from mobs of wallabies and elusive squirrel gliders, to an abundance of native bird life which will impress even the most enthusiastic twitchers. 

We invite you to stay and discover the beauty and the wild that is Noosa Eco Retreat.

a message from the owners

We  purchased the property in January 2018 on a leap of faith, with a vision of transforming it from farmland to a family-owned nature retreat for guests to enjoy views and landscape that had been hidden for over 50 years.


We have chronicled our journey - two and a half years of planning and building - on Facebook and Instagram, so guests can look back at the way the development evolved from dream to reality!


We've conducted significant environmental rehabilitation alongside the construction of the retreat, including tree planting, regenerating native vegetation, weed removal, creating wildlife habitats and removing fences to allow free movement of wildlife.  We will endeavour  to protect and enhance the surrounding land for years to come  and to promote and encourage a closer relationship between people and nature.  


It has been a labour of love, and one that we are very proud of. We are delighted to be opening this piece of paradise and hope that it sparks joy in the wild spaces of our guests' hearts and minds. 

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