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Feel good kindness

Eco-Friday blog post

We have been lucky enough this week to be on the receiving end of several, unrelated random acts of kindness. Maybe it is Christmas spirit encouraging people to be extra nice, maybe it is reflection at the end of a decade of a better way forward. Whatever it is, kind is always a wonderful thing to experience - either as the recipient or the bestower! Living in a beautiful community as we do, we have experienced so many instances of ‘goodness’. Things that warm your heart and restore your faith in people. We will be paying it forward, and have started this in a small way by supporting as many local businesses as we can in our Christmas shopping! Local, sustainable and plastic’s as good a place as any to start!

What a wonderful time of the year to reflect on some positivity! Seeing Frank the Koala was a real highlight for us this week, an early Christmas present for us, reminding us that all the work here to safeguard land for wildlife is so worthwhile.

Also this week we have started work on some exciting bespoke pieces of furniture, designed in collaboration with a wonderful friend who has been working with us these past few weeks. This guy is one of those people who has the depth of knowledge and a wealth of experiences that constantly amazes’s been a really lovely part of the project having him on board. Designing things from scratch and mulling over ideas has been good fun, and seeing sketches become reality has been awesome.

Being able to use the hardwood slabs that were milled on site to create beautiful,unique pieces that pair modern day convenience with traditional construction and the stunning rustic wood is a real joy. We love that much of our furniture will tell a story, and have it’s own meaningful connection to our journey, which is both more sustainable and more satisfying than choosing everything from a showroom floor.

We can’t wait to see more and the finished pieces. Just like in nature, our fittings will not be all straight edges and uniformity. No two of our Yurt interiors will be the same, but they will all share the commonality of having been created on site and inspired by the natural beauty of the sustainable resources we have utilised.

In other progress news, we have also finished the decks for the eco-structures, and they look fantastic. We are getting close to that ‘full picture’ stage on the exterior. Steps and the ramp for the disabled access accommodation will be next, and windows! 102 more trees were planted this week into our riparian restoration strip, we gave up waiting for the rain and instead committed to a dedicated watering schedule. Thank goodness for our dams! It’s busy busy busy as we push forward towards opening. We are being carried on Adrenalin and nervous excitement now.

Really looking forward to that day off for Christmas though!

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