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Eco-Friday blog post

All successful businesses take time to figure out the ‘Why, What and How’; why they exist, what they do, and how that makes them special. Then comes the challenge of distilling all that into a coherent and relatable message. Over the last two years, we have really honed in on what we wanted Noosa Eco Retreat to be. Time, in this instance, has been our friend, as we have had the opportunity to carefully craft, define and shape the answers to all these questions.

Some threads have run through the woven fabric of our journey from the very beginning. We knew, for instance, that we wanted to be eco, somewhat novel, accessible, affordable, wildlife friendly, and to showcase Noosa’s hinterland paradise.

Some threads have broken along the way - most intentionally, and some because of practicalities. Some stitches took us on a new path that we hadn’t previously considered. The result has been a delightful, ongoing patchwork of our hopes, dreams and intentions. If we had merely followed the original pattern, we wouldn’t be nearly as satisfied with the outcome.

As such, creating the Noosa Eco Retreat brand has been about so much more than words and logos. The colour palette, typeface, letter spacing and alignment, and overall visual identity has been nuanced over, as well as being reworked, revised and revolutionised several times.

One example of this is the central image in our logo. We wanted an image that would capture the spirit of Noosa Eco Retreat, and one of the most iconic and recognisable features of the accommodation structures was the perfect inspiration.

At over four metres high, the centre ring in our contemporary Yurts has become a prominent and meaningful feature for us and visitors. The 70+ roof poles coming together in a central circle, each one connected and reliant on each other for strength, stability and integrity, reminds us of the fine balance and interconnectedness of the natural world.

It also hints at a strong and vibrant sun, which is fitting for both our location on the stunning Sunshine Coast and sunshine itself serving as the lifeblood of everything in the natural world.

Importantly, our visual system will always incorporate imagery of the incredible and iconic flora and fauna found at the retreat. Nature is the thread that weaves through every aspect of Noosa Eco Retreat, so it was critical that our brand included this and sat comfortably alongside it.

Much like our byword, our brand reflects both the breath-taking beauty and incomparable 'wildness' of nature, and we are delighted with the result. We cannot wait to share more of our tapestry with you all. The countdown to opening is on!

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