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Eco-Friday blog post

Some of Australia appears to be enduring some unseasonal frostiness as summer kicks off, but here on the Sunshine Coast, we have just had the hottest week of the season so far. Now, I am definitely someone who likes some heat, but as I write this at the end of a 40 degree summers day, I must say that the relentlessly blue sky of Queensland (whilst always beautiful), has not been my very best friend this week!

It’s been another big push forward this week, with our plumbing now roughed in for all six sites and inspected and signed off by Council. We have created a custom shower design with exposed copper pipe work that we can’t wait to see all plumbed in and finished off!

We have also built the sixth and final eco-structure to water tight stage, meaning that we finally have an almost complete picture across both sites! Seeing the structures appear as you approach the sites is one of my new favourite things. Call me biased, but they really do blend wonderfully into the landscape and compliment the natural aesthetic around them.

Six french-style entrance doors have been installed...which has been a bit more time consuming than anticipated! We were originally hoping for all the windows in as well this week, but it’s been well worthwhile making sure each is just right. Besides, we had driveway week, floor week, structure week, so I guess this week was just meant to be door week!

Once the windows are in (window week!), we finally get to move onto the bit I’ve been looking forward to...interiors! We cannot wait to start fitting them out with some bespoke, handmade furniture and fittings and then putting the finishing touches in place. Hopefully the indoor work will be a whole lot cooler than the outdoor work! 😁

Rumour has it that there is a little thing called the festive season happening around us, but we can not verify this with any certainty. In any case, we hope everyone is enjoying the lead up to the most wonderful time of the year!

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