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Mini Mountains

Eco-Friday blog post

We have had a huge week of progress. And a hugely stressful one as we have danced with the weather gods in a battle to keep our beautiful floors dry until such time as we can get the structures water tight! Nothing like a bit of pressure to really get the heart racing.

It’s been a time of long sweaty days, thinking on feet, problem solving and some heavy lifting. We have built five of our six structures to the roof stage, and as of today one of them is very close to being water tight! We are definitely finding that we get progressively quicker with each one we do, as we figure out a system that works and identify the fastest methods.

The evolution of our eco-roundhouses has been so exciting, but we have been moving at such a pace that we haven’t really found that moment of stepping back and looking at how far we have come. We always thought that when it got to this stage of the build, we would have the time to soak it all in and appreciate the achievement, but that was wishful thinking!

This blog is a chance then for me to reflect. When we originally looked at this property, we stood on what we named then, and still to this day call, the Mountain View (although epic mountain views are on offer from nearly every part of the property, they are inescapable from here!), having a conversation about how incredible it would be to create something that would compliment the awe inspiring Mt Cooroora backdrop.

We had looked into more traditional cabins, but this particular property needed something that would better reflect and showcase its inimitable landscape. After many months of research and discussion, going along to showrooms and displays, and talking endlessly, our ‘eureka moment’ came in the form of Yurts - ‘mountain-shaped’ dwellings traditionally found in Central Asia. From this we designed our own contemporary, eco-luxe accommodation structures. Mini-Mountains in the foothills of the famous Mt Cooroora...what could be better?!

Seeing them now taking shape, from our early designs sketched on paper to real life structures is thrilling. The outcome is exactly what we imagined all that time ago.

Next week the French doors and glass wall, along with three windows for each structure will be installed, offering the final piece of the visual impressions for the Retreat. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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