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Planning – Planting – Perseverance – People.

Eco-Friday blog post

It’s fair to say the past few weeks have been oh-so-very busy.

This week, we have helped 240 baby trees make their start in the world, contributing to our wildlife corridors, riparian buffer rehabilitation and food for native animals and birds. The selected species are all endemic to the region, and chosen for what they can contribute to our healthy and diverse ecosystem (big thanks to Noosa Landcare for their help with this).

Some of the trees, planted into a corner near one of our picnic spots, are traditional bush tucker trees, to allow our guests to sample some of the delicacies from the land! We have about the same number of trees again due to go in over the next couple of weeks, and we are so happy to be contributing back to the environment with over 500 trees to add to the many thousands already here.

The framing stage for our eco-structures is finally complete ahead of hardwood flooring installation next week. The evolution of their construction – seeing plans and concepts turn into reality, has been jaw dropping. The 1km of roads as well as the two 50m crossings have transformed the land, both practically and visually, and make for such a stunning entry experience to the Retreat.

Being involved in a project of this scale has been such a joy and a privilege. Repurposing a piece of locally-historic land from disused farmland into a nature wonderland – conserving it and restoring it along the way – is something that we can always be proud of.

But perhaps the most fulfilling element of this project to date has been the relationships we have made with the teams of people who have helped in whatever way, big or small, to create this dream of ours.

Matt and the team at Gun Profiling Pty Ltd have meticulously crafted our driveways and roads, transforming the land with their incredible skills, machinery and foresight.

Glenn from Cooroora Carpentry has been working tirelessly on the builds, overcoming obstacles from every angle with resilience and good humour.

Martin and the team from Under and Over Electrical grinded out (quite literally) over 700 metres of underground cable, diligently traversing dams and watercourses, with smiles throughout.

The engineering team at SCG have been with us from the outset adding credence to our ideas and guiding us through the mire of red tape and bureaucracy.

Noosa and District Landcare is another group who have supported the project from its conception. Phil has been on tap when we have needed his expert advice or guidance, and the NDL team who powered through the planting this week were so impressive in their speed and knowledge.

And of course, and by no means least, the ongoing support and encouragement from our family, friends and community.

We would highly recommend all of the above to anyone who asks!

It has served to remind us how important people are to any multi-faceted project. It is uplifting to be surrounded by people like this and it will be this that carries us the last stretch and across the finish line.

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