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Eco-Friday blog post

Today’s post will be short and sweet. It’s less of a blog and more of a thank you. A thank you to all the people and businesses who have supported, followed, liked, shared, messaged, advised, helped, listened, or otherwise been with us on this journey so far. Having people to share our progress photos with has been motivational and encouraging. We have really appreciated each and every act of support, and feel lucky to have met some of the most wonderful people during this process.

The timing of this little thank you post is because today marks a turning point.

Tomorrow, we finally move beyond foundations, joists, bearers, subfloors, timber floors, sanding, brushing, blowing and oiling, internal framing. Tomorrow, we start erecting the first of our eco-structures. What a seminal moment that has been oh-so-very-long in the making. The culmination of hours upon hours of planning, working, sweating and occasional swearing.

Over the coming week we will be revealing more about our retreat and what we will be offering. We are so excited to be able to start. Soon, the pictures in our heads will become a reality, and we can’t wait to share that reality with you!

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